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RCT Solutions - innovative cell technology

RCT Solutions develops and implements innovative process solutions for turnkey PV manufacturing projects, production equipment and production line upgrades. Originating historically from technology departments of equipment manufacturers in Konstanz, Germany, RCT Solutions is today an independent and leading provider of customized process solutions. RCT Solutions is loaded with process experience for mass production and exhibits a proven development track record. The foundation for this is formed by employees in China and Germany, most of whom have over 20 years of PV experience.



"Here at RTC Solutions we believe in the sustainability of photovoltaics.
This is why we develop innovative wet chemical production equipment."

- Dr. Peter Fath, CEO of RCT Solutions

Top expertise in c-Si solar cells technology

For many years RCT Solutions’ staff is pursuing advanced solar cell concepts like e.g. PERC and PERCT technologies, following an evolutionary roadmap in order to enable upgrading the installed based of standard c-Si solar cell manufacturing capacity. Our successive technology packages complement each other along the path to advanced solar cell concepts – with higher and higher efficiency as well as improved cost per kWh. Along the releases of new upgrade technologies our customers always benefit from our latest cell processes and equipment innovations.


Providing competence along the PV value chain


  • One stop shop along the entire PV value chain
  • Technology Leader: experienced internal R&D resources for technology development
  • Linked to leading PV equipment suppliers
  • Close cooperation with major research institutes in Germany
  • Cutting edge technology and equipment enables competitive PV manufacturing
    with premium efficiencies, throughputs and yields


Innovations based on strong research and development

In our research & development work, we cooperate with leading research institutions, industrial partners and customers. Technology transfer and process implementation in the field is an integral part of our development projects – having a strong influence on RCT’s innovation funnel and process selection. RCT is dedicated towards robust solutions for mass production.


Successful with a strong team

Customer satisfaction is the basis for our success. That is why work with the best experts and an operations orientated technology team.

  • Experience from approx. 50 turn key production lines thereof 20 projects with implementation
    of innovative technologies, ramp up and line optimization
  • Experienced management in solar industry, R&D, production and project management
  • Huge know-how-pool by multifaceted and multi-national team with employees from PV
    manufacturers and institutes
  • 2-3 major development projects in parallel for fast development and continuous innovation pipeline


RCT Solutions has a solid history of success.
We will continue to develop innovative solar cell technology.

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