RCT i-UniTex

texturing of multi and mono wafers

RCT i-UniTex

Innovative and cost-effective inline texturing
of mono and multi wafers

The RCT i-UniTex tool combines texturing of mono and multi wafers, while providing the most innovative and cost-effective processes. It works inline and is universal with regard to texturing the various wafer types. The changeover from mono to multi wafer production is as easy as changing the recipe. RCT Solutions provides innovative wafer production systems and helps you to stay flexible for the future.


Change easily from mono to multi wafer production

mono texturing - inverted pyramides

multi texturing - MCCE inline process

The RCT i-UniTex is unique in its applications. It combines texturing of both, mono and multi wafers, while providing the most innovative and cost-effective processes.DWS multi wafers will be processed by RCT Solutions’ proven MCCE inline process. In the same tool, also mono wafers can be textured by an advanced MCCE process yielding inverted pyramids.

In mono texturing, RCT i-UniTex produces inverted pyramids instead of conventional random pyramids. This high efficiency texturing solution, which was limited to laboratory application before was now transferred into an inline-MCCE-based, mass production suitable process, which considerably increases the efficiency of the solar cells. Inverted pyramids grow into depths, to further reduce reflections considerably and ensure in the module that low angle incident light is better absorbed thus providing a higher energy yield.

For multi-texturing, RCT i-UniTex uses RCT’s proven inline MCCE (Metal Catalyzed Chemical Etching) etching process, the method of choice for processing diamond wire-cut multi wafers. Customer data show that inline MCCE is not only significantly cheaper than batch-MCCE but even cheaper than additive based texturing solutions, At the same time it shows the highest efficiency advantage on cell as well as module level.

RCT Solutions supplies the RCT i-UniTex as 5- or 10-lane tool. With a throughput of up to 8,400uph (10-lane) or up to 4,200 uph (5-lane) it matches perfect with today’s throughput requirements. For finalization of the process in existing tools like b-Tex (batch for mono) or i-Tex (inline for multi), their throughput can be increased since the etch depth requirement is significantly reduced and thus less process time is needed. In case of monocrystalline wafers less additive is required which saves costs additionally. The 10-lane system is designed as a double 5-lane system to ensure particularly good operability from both sides. i-UniTex is supplied in pre-assembled modules that only need to be connected on site. With a width of only 2.9m for the 10-lane system and no satellite tools such as electrical cabinet or chiller, RCT 10-lane tools provide highest throughput on smallest footprint. The 10-lane platform can be applied to all RCT inline process solutions such as i-Side and i-BlackTex.


  • Enabler for inverted pyramids on mono wafers
  • Best in class COO for MCCE on multi wafers
  • Available as 5- or 10-lane tool
  • Easy integration into production-line
  • Flexible production process
  • Cost-saving and efficient

Best in class COO for MCCE on multi wafers

Max. module power guaranteed by high Voc and FF

RCT i-UniTex[nbsp]works inline and is universal with regard to texturing the various wafer types

Also available as upgrade tool to existing inline texuring tools

If market request changes between multi and
mono wafers, what does it mean to your business?

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