RCT i-Tex

best in class productivity

RCT i-Tex

Saw damage removal and single- / double-sided
isotropic texturing for multi Si wafers

RCT i-Tex is designed to remove the saw damage of multicrystalline wafers and textures the wafer surface for best antireflection behavior. lt is optimized for lowest CoO by low chemical consumption, stable processes and small footprint.

optimized hydrodynamics in metal impurity cleaning


  • Single-side texturing technology for 35% chemical and disposal cost saving available
  • Optimized cost of ownership: up to 30% reduced DI water consumption and compact footprint
    by integration of chiller into main module
  • Best in class productivity: less than one hour for bath change and unique quick-lock system
    of spray bars for easy and fast maintenance
  • Advanced alkaline cleaning design to avoid KOH contamination
  • Surface near frequent chemical exchange for high-performance metal impurity cleaning

Technical Data

Process Inline saw damage etch and acidic texturization
Nominal Throughput 3,600 wafer/h, 5 lanes
Conveyor Speed 0.5 – 2.5 m/min, nominal 2.1 m/min
Dimensions 8880 x 2200 x 2120 mm³ (L x W x H)
Wafer Size 156 × 156±0.5mm / 156.75 × 156.75±0.25mm, ≥ 150 µm
Etch Depth Range 3.5 - 4.5 µm
Bath Lifetime > 700,000 wafers
Breakage Rate < 0.05%

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