RCT i-Side

higher reflectivity at lower etch depth

RCT i-Side

Edge isolation, polishing and PSG / BSG removal
for multi and mono Si wafers

RCT i-Side with its improved process sequence enables high efficiency cell technologies such as PERC, n-type or Bifacial. RCT i-Side polishes wafer with highest reflectivity at cost effective etch depths. lt is optimized for lowest CoO by low chemical consumption, stable processes and small footprint.

RCT i-Side for single-side
junction isolation or polishing

textured wafer

polished wafer
after 4μm etch depth


  • Improved hydrodynamics of etch bath allows higher refliectivity at lower etch depth for PERC cells,
    saving 60% of consumables
  • Patended process sequence with pre-treatment, rinse and junction isolation / polishing
  • Optimized cost of ownership: up to 30% reduced DI water consumption and compact footprint by
    integration of chiller into main module
  • Best in class productivity: less than one hour for bath change and unique quick-lock system of
    spray bars for easy and fast maintenance
  • Advanced alkaline cleaning design to avoid KOH contamination
  • Surface near frequent chemical exchange for high-performance metal impurity cleaning

Technical Data

Process Inline junction isolation, polishing and PSG / BSG etching
Nominal Throughput 3,600 wafer/h, 5 lanes
Conveyor Speed 0.5 – 2.5 m/min, nominal 2.1 m/min
Dimensions 8880 x 2200 x 2120 mm³ (L x W x H)
Wafer Size 156 × 156±0.5mm / 156.75 × 156.75±0.25mm, ≥ 150 µm
Etch Depth Range 0.7 - 6 µm
Bath Lifetime > 1,500,000 wafers
Breakage Rate < 0.05%

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